Our Story Get to know how we started

NAULO Restaurant PVT. LTD., is Nepal’s first fully digitized robotic restaurant and one of its kind in the east Asian market. Situated in the hearts of Kathmandu city, Durbarmarg, this restaurant is a sister company to PAAILA Technology, the only AI and robotics manufacturing company in Nepal. With a soul vision to enhance, promote and expand Nepalese products, this innovation in the food-tech sector was incorporated in August of 2018, where food meets technology over your tables. Backed by robust infrastructure, real-state-of-art-technology, overwhelming media coverages (nationally and globally), focused operations and an empowered team, this restaurant aims towards developing costumers’ loyalty and leadership in the Nepalese food market for all age-groups, cities and towns. With a passion to set new benchmarks in the food-tech industry, NAULO strives to re-imagine and re-invent its food products and technological aspects to re-define consumers experience and deliver higher value.

Hence, NAULO from its inception has continued to invest in technological systems and processes, undertaking diverse initiatives for improving consumers’ experiences, earning more and new loyal customers.

NAULO believes that consumers experiences are critical proposition which leads to sustained growth of a business. Building on this basic pillar, a positive consumers experience can build brand, loyalty and affinity, evangelize the food-tech product or service, leaving behind a positive customer review to develop a retention in the business revenue model.

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